Where do we need to place each event to get Wyatt?

Kali, any info one where we need to finish each event at the lowest to get Wyatt? Me and many others really want him, so this info would be really needed!


I’m checking to see how long he’s a collection reward for!

If it’s for a while you’d definitely have time. But this is all new so, i’m not sure if we have timing set yet.

Edit: nevermind, there is a countdown.

Doing more research

I think the biggest issue finding out this information is that most reward lists are completed right before the event – so it will be hard for me to know this.


Agreed, I would really love to know this.

Edit: @Kalishane 18 days 10 hours until the nugget collections end

The collection showed up in the museum’s with the timers going & no events for it yet. What’s the use of this?

Kalishane “plays the game” but hasnt seen how long wyatt is in the musuem for… right… you play the game…

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Will we need to place in a certain bracket every event?

I don’t like your tone, mister!

aw srry senpai

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It’s okay, I’m not mad. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m glad! dances

the weekend war is expected to give the top prize of:

It looks like a normal war on the calender too.

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Well you need 12000.

First in last and this event award 10k, diminishing from there.

War will be 12k.

Expect similar next week.

If you consistently place at the bottom probably no Wyatt to be had. If you place middling in each event then likely obtainable.

It’s been a busy, busy week for me.

This is actually my job. haha

I believe if you take the places at 100 or bellow, you’ll get Wyaat in three or four events, at best. The rest, you can just spend on Legendary Gear.

After this war, just need to finish in top 3.

top 100(lvlup) is 2200 nuggets so 6 top 100 solo… i regularly do this lvlup, sr, raid… if you have faction rewards too maybe after a faction event…

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The amount of rewards that are given out for something should be really be figured out beforehand. How on earth can they establish trade in amount criteria i.e. 12,000 nuggets for Wyatt when don’t know how many total nuggets will be possible to accumulate?

The two go hand in hand. I think that might be part of the problem where some events seem to be EZ to get and others you have to hit EVERYTHING in order to get it.


Thats a very good point

Im hoping that by at least participating in every event and at least reaching top 100 in every one, we get enough for that 6s

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I paid for him last time he was promo.

Bad choice. :cry:

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