Where did you get equipment to tier 4 6*?


SS are not mine


These guys probably got it off of VK… Yeah cheating remains an issue in this game


Not possible by legit means.


They could POSSIBLY be incredibly lucky with their gear bag and Lucile tokens pull, forecasting all the “defenders” comments :slight_smile:


That’s a russian region full of cheaters , not even vk . They did it by themselves btw


Second photo is only two t4. Possible i guess if highly unlikely. How’s their prestige look?


In CRW there was a prestige 9 account from Colbert region with a fully maxed out t4 Zeke. Possible he could of been extremely lucky, but I am still suspicious…


It’s really differ, these guys near 10 often



Probably nefarious. I don’t even have one and am near P11


I was lucky enough to get a canteen and a gps but of all the other gear all I have is one whetstone. No where ready to level up anyone to t4


Didn’t want to hurt your dear friend but …


As I said probably nefarious.


@kalishane could you please look through this just to have a slight view on what we facing during CRW and why it called cross region weekend in our faction. Much appreciated!


I have a maxed t4 Shiva… but only one… was lucky with screwdriver pulls… got 5 hockey masks and 1 gps… then Lucille pulls I received my canteen and last hockey mask. I don’t see how anyone could have more than 1 t4 6* tho


I wouldn’t say easily possible to have one T4 6* but yes very possible. But I agree with your main point that anyone with 3 is definitely cheating.




I am one piece away from my first maxed out 6*… so a full team of them sounds really fishy :stuck_out_tongue: Not to mention multiple people in that faction having them. Will be sad when they lose them :cry: :boom: :hammer:

I only know one other person in our region who was lucky and farmed a LOT and has two maxed 6*s. But that is about it.


I’ll keep in touch and will notify you if they ever get banned. They can create another account though


Literally right now the HUGE waves of bans all over Shelby, Russel, Perry


Already twink accounts in there haha