Where did the XP map go?

@JB.Scopely XP map is for Mondays and Tuesdays. Why did they remove it? Some weird stuff is going on with the map schedule and it needs attention.

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You need to subscribe to survivor club to gain access to it.


Oh. I thought they were in the next club, “Dedicated” Club, which is $99.99 a month.


I completely forgot about that my fault. It is only for the dedicated club.

Probably saw people farming shirts and gloves and had to shut it down.

it was fine tuned

It’s gone to useful roadmap heaven, where it will be reunited with it’s deceased friends farmable gear map and shirt & glove roadmap


Tell it to say hi to Elvis for me

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Two points.

1: Elvis is not & never has been a roadmap.
2: Elvis is not dead.

You fkn lunatic!!

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Elvis is not dead. He is a walker.



They didn’t remove it :man_facepalming:
There is an in game announcement and a post here on the forums about roadmaps try a search for it if you missed it

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