Where did the death mark map go?


So last map, you make it less than 24 hours leaving me exactly 25 short, which I would’ve finished…but you prematurely remove it making it not a full day???
Idiotic decision


And you didn’t see this coming. It is scopely. They do this all the time with every single event. Terrible planning and execution. This is their forte.

All sincerity sorry you got hosed.


only If they would just put a timer on those letting us know when they end. Damn scopley it’s all your fault.


But there was a timer on the roadmap itself…it’s not like Scopely didn’t give you any warning, you just incorrectly assumed the ending of the last roadmap.


last maps counter was 12h from start when they occurred… events ends after 24h when last maps shoved so if last maps would be also 24h those would end same time that museum collection, so scopely all in they wisdom choice to but last map only half time, with same energy usage, so they can get more dollars from jugs ppl buying and still get enough time to collect markers on museum…


Well now that they are gone there is no excuse why they can’t get up a farmable URG or Weapon Parts Map @kalishane


are you sure you looked it right? all my regions got 12h last maps…


Mine also said 24hrs, double checked when it refreshed so as to make sure had enough time to complete. Scopley screw up for sure.


I wish they wouldn’t screw up every single event lol


that wish never will come true