Where did Siddiq go?


Sadiq no longer ascendable, or What? Hes no longer with the other legendarys. Is he being nerfed? What gives

Siddiq Ascendance
Siddiq on beta region

It seems to be a visual error! You can still ascend him by going manually to

Roster-> Tough Siddiq -> Unlock if needed -> Ascend Button.

I just ascended mine :slight_smile:

~Edited title~ because Siddiq gets upset when people pronounce his name wrong :frowning:


Ok, was going to ascend mine in the next day or two and noticed it was gone lol


Good luck! He is interesting for sure.


Good luck!


Where did he go? He is not listed in the ascendance statue anymore since Dwight popped up there but the icon is next to Siddiq in the roster that a 6* is available. Just curious if you guys were aware.


He went on another adventure with Pete and co. He’ll be back soon


They went to go visit og blue gov


If this isn’t a bug the only intentional reason I can think of is that he’s being reworked and they don’t want to advertise his old version.


I have him and he still shows ascendable but he doesn’t appear in the tower


Somebody fix this!!!


I just ascended him like 5 minutes ago.


I ascended him yesterday too, but could only do it through the roster. He just want not in the tower I figured I would say something…but it appears he has made his return to the ascendance tower.


Merged threads looking for Siddiq. Please see below if you still have not found him.


Hes back for me atleast


Hi all,

I have Siddiq on the beta region. It is fully up, but still can’t ascend !!
What happen ? only me like that ?



Hi @Ramirez


Also like to add beta needs more 5 star tokens and gear slowly running out ha.


you can make him from using 4 star blues


thats why CRW reward 5 was trash.