Where did our CM go?

Left line chats again?

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He’s gone indeed

you talking about JB?

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Nah kookland


Yup he had enough and left the line chat

According to a chat he is in with certain players there will be another chat. Just don’t expect an invite. #favouritism


Sounds about right

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Just wanted 20 more Lucilles huh lol

Wanted fairness… and the other 30 luciles lol

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Figured that chat wouldn’t last which is why I left. Was turning into a constant complain fest instead of its original design.


How on Earth do you manage here then? Lol


Lmao. Yea, it’s hard for sure. That’s why I was excited for the line chat… I couldn’t handle two of them. This one doesn’t blow up my phone at least lol.


Blows my mind at times, but no, not my phone

Prob got tired of everyone treating him like shit, treating him like he has any control or say so on things in game, he is the messenger and you all trip on him. Ever heard of “dont shoot the messenger.” Personally I would just clap on everyone if I was in JBs spot but you all would cry cause you all can dish out but cant take it, ever heard of “talk shit, get hit.” He prob just got tired of the bs and left, line chat isnt his job, he does that on his own time so to say. So good job RTS community for behaving like brats. Not brown nosing or excusing scopelys behavior but you all really do trip and need to learn who is the one calling the shots and who the messenger is. JB is the messenger btw in case it’s hard for some to figure out. I get things in game are shit and we want change for the better but treating the CM like shit isnt the way to go about it. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thats some facts dropped on you rts community :man_shrugging:


Can you imagine the chaos if our previous cm managed a line chat? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Everyone except the content creators would have been kicked outta there within hours


Couldn’t agree more. I don’t understand why people can’t understand he’s a customer service representative. He has no pull. It really boggles my mind.


Well there are two of them GR and JB. So my question was valid, no need for unwarranted sarcasm.
Besides, GR has always been the active one here and JB, since i dont use Line, dont know much about it. He mostly been absent here on forums. If it was GR, well then it would have been definitely troubling :joy:

JB knew that the promised letter won’t come as promised and line would have gone crazy. Better to just leave than take the shit.


Never even joined line but its obvious once anyone could join it would just become a bitch fest. Warranted bitch fest but one nonetheless. Prob not even jb decision came from the higher ups like everything

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Critical comment comes with the territory. Whether jb has pull with those above or not, community manager should be managing the community.

Recently all that’s been managed is to cause further discontent.

Game really is a dumpster fire right now and jb’s kalishane is showing now the community has heated up