Where did my red quills go?

So I woke up this morning to see my red quills all gone?

If you go to the roadmap screen, do you see if you have any in the top right corner of the screen?

Gone , reduced to atoms.

But really , they removed all quill because of the gate that hapenned , people who got the crates got 100 of those and they were using it to get easy trainers. Edit : or you complete all the roadmaps that used the quill , but hey if thats the case you still have profit.

I still have 31 red quills :woman_shrugging:t5:

Nope, it’s saying I have none

They seem to come back when a quill openable roadmap appears.

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If that’s the reason then I’m gonna need my world energy refills back

Well , go to support And ask them your refills back , if you used the gate you a probably not going to get anything since it was a bug And they barely do any type of compensation for things that happen .

The quills won’t show if there is no unfinished road map, you have complete the A map, when the next one drops they will show again at top.

The same thing happens with gold radios and gold bar maps.

Basically it is an energy with no outlet because the maps has been completed, when it has a new outlet it shows you the amount of E (quills) you have.

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They don’t appear if u finished all Letters Roadmap… u need to wait until new unlocked kne arises

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That’s correct!

If you recently ran a map, you need to wait for that map to reset, then quills will reappear.

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Yeah I got them back after roadmaps reset. Thanks!

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