Where did my league reward’s coins go?

As the title suggests,I didn’t receive the coins but only the tokens from the league rewards.
Having 1°,3° and 23° place on different region (aka I play alts)and yet,no coins on any of them.

It seems that it had happened to others in the past ,but damn,it is the second time that I didn’t get any coins.

And if anyone know if there are rules that had changed or something else had happened,please tell me because I wont buy this non sense.

You only get coins in your main region now… so if had mini that got 1st then no coins…

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Me as someone who doesn’t have a main account:

        V  I  S  I  B  L  E 
                C  O  N  F  U  S  I  O  N

Coins/rewards at end of stretch will only be sent to your main account… scopely has ended the ability to farm coins through mini accounts.

If you haven’t received the reward expecting in main account then nest raise and open ticket with support for them to review and investigate the issue but wouldn’t expect swift resolution but never know depends who responds.

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I just have the one account.

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Coins can only be earned on your highest league account now. So even if you finish first in plat 1 but have another region that is plat two but did not finish in the money… you get nothing. Its just another way for Scopely to screw their player base.

Personally I used to enjoy playing 3 different regions as i could take a break from one region, go hard in another and still be rewarded for my effort. Now however I am penalised for playing more then one region. Well played Scopely. Think about it @TayTron. Not a smart move


As scopes stated it’s a better way to consistently earn 0 coins :joy:


It sux. Got 0 instead of 1200 too. Finished 1st in one of my accounts. Keep surviving…

The entire changes to league has been extremely dis appointing.
Earlier I stood a chance to get rings by staying at D1, but last few weeks I couldn’t even touch it with massive scores being put up by whales :weary:

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