Where did 'is scopely trying to kill game' go

Was in a chat on here on sunday discussing whether people thought scopely was sunsetting this game trying to get people to leave so they can shut up shop.
Was hoping to find a reply on there from @Kalishane but it all seems to have been deleted strangely can we get a response on this…
Because we all kinda feel ur trying to make us quit!



It’s called groundhog Mondays around here.

Gone like the wind

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it’s normal.
this forum isn’t intended to be a quit or bashing forum.

Tho many players want to do it here since no platform elsewhere really exists.

i personally don’t even enjoy complaining or being critical.
I’m doing my part, reduced spending to zero. I

We not moaning just would like a response to the accusations made against them. Not a big ask guess I’ll get banned ah well


Another item to consider - why is the WWF app game community platform on twitter/reddit and not a branch of this main forum? How about g+ for beta that has a good representation of non-English users?

Seems like the community segregation strategy was built in from the very top.


They are even saltier. Than we are …lol

It will all be better “soon”

Its under the rug my friend


Wonder how long this thread has before its deleted too.

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It was deleted because the forum doesn’t need more tinfoil hat theories.
The people who believe these theories must wish it was true just to they can say i told you so

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How come there’s no post saying it isn’t true then?




There is no reason for the devs to minimalise communication with the players. Tell you what, if I did this at work, I would be fired in 48 hours.

Simple fix: communicate… whether it will be well received or not, COMMUNICATE

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