Where Did I Get Viktor From?


I know I got him for free more than a month ago but from where?


He was available for free by completing 150 levels of survival road.


I know but I got him more than a month ago.


Maybe a wheel where you pulled from but you dint notice


Think he was in the lucky token wheel too.


It was lucky tokens.


Case closed.

If you ever need to know where you pulled any other toons from, feel free to ask.


I pulled michonne, magna, jesus, yellow shiva and Erika all within the last month?? Where the heck did I get all these?!?


…and for some reason I have a credit card statement for $2000!!!



I’m good at this.


With expensive taste in hookers


More than 2000 lololol


I pulled a stunner on Saturday but the mystery bus came and took her away and left me with an ugly lass. Where can I find the stunner?


Viktor just appears in the good guys roster whenever is needed, he wont do much but is a nice gesture after all


Naw viktor is a beast


“Hey I remember pulling an Erika from the 3year tokens but she was replaced spontaneously with a 5* zeke in my roster. Anyone know what happened?”


Same thing happened to me when I transferred. My Michonne lost a star, Erika started to identify as Eric and both my Magna’s became Maggie’s…


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