Where did hordes go?

Any plans for a hordes anytime soon…got a stash to finish lol


Agreed. Mostly because it’s actually a lovely event, to say the least. I mean, they could replace the excess LVL Ups with Horde Events, but I suppose Scopely isn’t an opportunist.

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I don’t mind the constant level ups they just need to have something along side it

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Like a soup with the right amount of salt in it.

Yea pretty much lol

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That stash will expire to soon. I think a lot players wont finish even the first. I’ve got lucky and pulled Joshua on first 4 Pulls. But i have like 20 or 22 and wont see the 2nd stash.
So I need at least 2 or 3 more horde events. And this will never happen

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Simple answer. Didn’t make them money. Just like onslaught.

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We don’t have excess LVL ups… we have days with no LVL ups.

I agree with this, we need more lvl ups, we need them to run everyday.

I like hordes, would like joshua for my picture but other than that, not stressed bout him, do wish we would get more hordes and better wheels/stashes cause for awhile now theyve been just lame

IMHO, many players will not be able to win that Horde now. We do not have gen 2 walkers but many players now have Zach, Raven, Doc,…

I think Scopely is punishing us for so much negative feedbacks about hordes

Family Picture? Team picture? Class Picture?

Class picture, we went to the same high school, Johsua and I go way back

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