Where can I get this character?

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He was originally for Skybound subscribers. Despite being one, I didn’t receive him, and I don’t even bother anymore.

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Like DukeNukem said, he was a reward for being a Skybound Insider over a year ago. I don’t know if he’s been put in any wheels because we never got a complete list of where you can get 5*s, only the list of where you can get ascendables.


so he’s nowhere to be found now?

and if I register there, will they give the character away?

I’ve him, I would suggest you to ask support and they can credit it to your account (if they’re in good mood…)

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you can link to?

I don’t know if he’s available anywhere else.

I don’t know if you’d get him for becoming an insider now. My guess is that promo ended over a year ago so you won’t. But, that’s just a guess.

I like his hat

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