Where can i get a 4* weapon?


Where can i get a 4* weapon ingame?
Are there any good spots to farm or is the armory the best choice for getting a good weapon?

Thank you :slight_smile:

4 star weapons are available from world map stages and 4 star tokens. Just farm world map stages and they should drop every once in a while. Definitely try for special weapons in armory after getting the weapon.

13.3 is still a decent spot especially for the amount of energy. Just run double drop toons

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I run 13.6 18.1 23 and 25 last stage. I have had best luck with lilths and weapons on those stages. I will have 3 drop in 1 day then go a week or 2 with nothing. It’s all rng
Also use drop leads when manual farming. …bronze tokens have gotten me better drops then any of the other tokens.

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ok a good piece of advice am sure u are new to this game so its time to delete this game and run away as far as u can … or be ready to weaste ur 3 years nd u will be still complaing about scopley… :slight_smile:

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Go as far in the map as you can. Build a team that consistently performs in the 13. range. Build your drop lead and encourage all members in your faction to put up farmer assists.

Building takes a team effort. Get everyone on board to take those crit spots and research your armories.

They are available everywhere. I recommend 17-10 on world map.

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