Where can I find the depiction of what order characters attack with when defending?

Had it once, but lost it, now I can’t find it anywhere and it is probably updated

It isn’t fixed

But the AI has an order

Go friendly duel your teammates and pay attention to the order.

Defence attacks in traits and seem to have no order
AI is stupid

No it doesn’t, it’s random. There used to be an order a long time ago but it’s been revised to be random now.

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is it no longer true that turn 1 there is still an order, and then all other turns are random?

Yes, all random.

I’m not talking about the old AI, characters may attack different targets everytime but there’s always an order no talking when they’re under a debilitating effect or else

It changes based on where you have your toons and who the AI deems the biggest threat doesnt it?

No there is not, not anymore.

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AI is totally stupid
Like this:

  • Attacks with lacerator before AR raulito
  • Tries to revive even do all is decapped
  • Attacks with AR right in to the shield and then attack with normal attack after
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There isn’t an order. If there is, feel free to share as it should be really easy to get it now that we have friendly duels.

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This used to be how teams attacked!

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5 used to get all the bonus ap but never really relevant anymore…

About as random as the buckets are hahahahaha

The one moment of order I always seem to see from defence teams is that Ap gain AS abilities seem to always proc 1st (which makes sense), eg: Michelle always seems to use her AS right before Christa attacks to give Christa the Ap she needs to AR. The rest seems random.

I actually started to watch for this, and for me it’s about 50/50.

I can confirm that. Each time I use Michelle’s AS, round 2, Christa and Donny get the AP.

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