Where Can I Contact Scopely Upper Management?

I’m tired of the lack of communication between players and staff. I’d like to contact the head of Scopely so that they can know how “helpful” their employees behave. I’ve created multiple posts that detail several aspects of the game that aren’t “working correctly” and I get no response back. This is not how a multi-million dollar business should behave. You should be posting at least 10 times a day to questions/statements.

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they dont care


His name is Albert & he is too busy rolling around in pancakes. This isnt starbucks where you complain about a crappy drink & they give you a free one & ask for your forgiveness. Its not going to happen.


I will report him.

What do you expect, the ceo’s phone number? Theres no way to contact the higher ups in scopely because
1 They dont care
2 they have other games to run
3 you cant just complain to the people running ANY company, theres customer support for that. Scopely is making money, thats their only concern. Right now things are going great for them and people are still spēn.ding Your complaints will not be heard, its the sad truth

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Listen to Rick. He knows a lot about survival :wink:


they don’t give a damn, really. so good luck, OP

Umm I would imagine hell … Lucifer to the museum please


Make sure you’ll do this when you get there.
(gif file size was too large, but this should give you a good idea)

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