Where are you in the nightmare

Im at gold 12 right now. Struggled with a few and some have taken 15 to 20 min a stage


Bronze 9 :joy:

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still in bronze, but haven’t really put too much effort into it tbh


Silver 1 but that is as far as I’m going I’ll just use my 3k+tokens on the last stage of bronze.


Good idea! Thanks for mentioning it.

It’s really crappy as far as getting points, but depending on your region only a few will go so far.

Replaying the stages will only give 1 point in nightmare SR.

Wtf! You are right what a frigging scam on my cheap way of staying in rewards!
I didn’t even notice bc I was still in top 10, but I did go and redo it was only 1 point. Guess I’ll save tokens and a day.

Sorry for ruining your plan lol :sweat_smile:

Silver 14.

Taking my time and not going full auto, can’t afford to lose a toon lol

I don’t have a stockpile of med kits and I’ve seen how the challenge ramps up already, I like it!

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Gold 14 and not really concerned about losing any character.


I do really good anything not nightmare labeled. Silver level 1 zombies with absolute d 50-100 hits all blocked, lost 3 teams.
Silver 2 humans revive and reflect lost 2 teams
Silver 3 I didn’t try yet

It’s not worth it. Garbage rewards. They just want people to use refills and kits.

Remember scopley’s way is to make us pay.


Do you buy them? I haven’t seen any in a long time as rewards.
I don’t ever use them.


Stuck on Gold 3. Full green team with 5 characters with 13k damage and all have adrenaline rushes that boost 50%-80% attack -.-


Ya rewards arent worth putting to much effort into it. Not going to run it just to say i could.

Silver 8 atm, taking it slow. Lost my first toons in silver 7, my whole top green team… Don’t have any 6star green healers and 5 star Margaret went down on turn 1 so was onto a loser at that point.

Gold 1 and I already give up, not complaining or something but I’m not strong enough to go foward

Bronze 8. Still at work and CBF when it’s 100 seashells for the top prize

I had a maxed epic get killed with a critical hit in round 1 in bronze… Think I’ll pass lol