Where are you? canteen and gps

they are no where to be found in tournies… and in crw only 1 each on MS…
please bring them back~


leagues store 18k each am sure you have well over 100k tokens by now


with the cost of s class level up, they should provide us with more ways to get them. S class takes 5x the gear. so 5x canteen and gps, not to mention 30 of other gears.

there were no real good reasons to remove them and replace them with silver paints…


I’m struggling with Walkie talkies and school bags now, everything high level requires them and 2 in the league store just isn’t cutting it now


Defo not many that want spray paint nowadays :hugs:

lol yup, cant have too many of those valuable paints :wink:

but yes, i have spent many coins refreshing leagues and its becoming out of hand.

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Hell, I’m struggling on them and have no S-Class

except for Christa, who doesn’t need em’

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