Where are we supposed to find negan

Y’all some ***holes

Raids? Haven’t seen one in raids yet


Haha brilliant!

They fazed him out of existence.

I imagine they’ll still be expecting you to somehow find Alert Payback Negan and defeat him in Raids a year from now when everyone has a ful S+ class roster where each character has 30k combined stats XFD

You see him a lot in raids any other days but when the challenge is up almost all hide him loool

Haven’t encountered a single one as of yet

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This rea!ly is the worst company.

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My region is actually nice… The people that have him, put him up as an easy defense for raiding.
Just found him 3 times using 2 cans. :slight_smile:

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Lol, once again, this crapbag company puts up BS missions to complete. Hey scopely, next time you want us to get an L for this God awful “event”, how about you make it something doable for the people THAT ARE OVER LEVEL 150!!! Jackasses… And again, ■■■■■■■ Negan. You don’t even try anymore do you?

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But n for 100 coins. They have tried to fix it.

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Thats not a fix, its intentional $$$ milking. Fix would have been by sending free N and L letters on every mission update. But no, either you grind away or pay!!!

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Yeah, great fix : pay to obtain the N or L letter and get tokens instead of teddy bears … Though it is written in the offer “letters for teddy bears” !!!

Another scam, again, as usual.


In my region I’m the only one to put up negan and I know others have him cause they have put him up before but for some reason they aint and have seen him on some def so yea this mission is getting ridiculous along with leveling player level

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I found 3 in daily Sr today

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I had zero
One had one in raid so after 2400 point i gladly found him 5 times

Got all 5 in daily SR… well 4 but let Denise revive him in one level. Only on one region tho and obviously its pure luck.

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