Where are the world can bags!

You take them away from war rewards and don’t offer cans for sale. WTF


Cans are always for sale. Look in the store section. 100 coins a pop.

Or are you talking about some kind of bundle deal or the ones in the supply depot?

World can bag sales, you knew what I meant


Scavenger missions are a good way now since they aren’t in the depot anymore

I know this also, thanks though

Not sure why you didn’t think they were but I have some good news they are still in the depot.

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I say that cause they have yet to appear in the depot for me since the nerfed it. Been 4 weeks without the cans showing up

As requested, survivor!


There’s only so far they can push this before they start doing damage to there player base.

Or only so long…

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You mean damage the REST of the base…most of us are far beyond that at this point.

It’s been damaged, beaten, bullied, roughed up, hung out to dry and lately just plain shat on.

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Every other week my Depot switches from raid to world cans. Not sure why other people don’t get the same ratio.

My depot changed just recently as well, previously it was raid can then following week world can,now I get a 4* toon instead and this week was 5* Eric in there so hoping next week will be back to cans

Yea it was nice to be able to farm a certain stage to get multiples of what you needed.