Where are the watches?


Is anyone else having trouble getting watches? I have 11 radios and can’t get a watch. I’m not even seeing them in my supply depot and now you can’t get one in level up event, only a radio.


got 5/5 left with 16 6s could use more


Opposite problem here heh, 11 watches (and they keep showing in my depot, wish could send them your way) and only 1 radio, (hoping to grab the one from lv up)


One each after from the SLUT. I apologize if this is a dead joke.


17 watches and 6 radios here, that RNG is lopsided af sometimes.


I could use radios. So… I guess I’m saying I got your watches on er here for sale for low price of 8 radios (Scopely exchange rates of course)


I’ve been collecting them :smiley:


Same here : 2 watches and 11 radios :frowning:


12/11 no problem ^^
Imo, there’s too much of this compared to the lesser 6* gear (sport gloves, etc…). Gonna start selling for food in the gear depot I guess… We really need more of those lesser gear though.


10/9 right now. For a while I had more radios but it’s evened out lately. Pray to rngesus that’s all you can do really.