Where are the war scores?


Ok. I have a very specific problem that happened since the update… Normally, after the war event is over and prizes are released, a screen pops up that shows the top 3 facs, your faction’s rank, and two buttons. One says claim. The other says Leaderboard. Here’s the rub… Since the advent of war, I could click the war Leaderboard button and see the scores of my faction and any other faction I so chose. This was accessible until i hit the claim button.

First and foremost, I use this to screenshot my factions’ war scores because i spreadsheet all of them… This helps to sort and rank players, recruit, and cut slackers but with the oversight of trending numbers (due to my spreadsheet) vs a great or terrible war that is out of the norm…

During both halves of this weekend’s wars, when I clicked the Leaderboard button, it just showed that no war was ongoing… It didn’t even show our lifetime war numbers when i clicked war Leaderboard AFTER I claimed my prize. I realize that i can ss the scores right before war ends, but that’s not always feasible - I may be asleep or in an important war or whatever else…

Please, please, please fix this. I didn’t get any screenshots this weekend making this the first war that I’m unable to spreadsheet and this is even more important now with the movement between regions… I run three factions across two regions and I can’t just go by gut instinct… I need your help @JB.Scopely


There have been a few topics about this and apparently they not only don’t care about the issue but they also don’t care about answering all of the players who are affected by this.
Or maybe they just don’t want us to have proof of what an abysmal failure the split war is.


Minor issue, NBD.

please close


This is actually quite a serious issue for most Faction leaders, War scoreboards are needed to keep track of not only needs a kick up the arse but also who needs a pat on the back for a particularly good performance.

Obviously anyone that doesn’t play well with others would consider it a minor issue though.


It’s a huge deal to me. I have two years of spreadsheet beauty and all of a sudden I get my first war weekend with no record of it. I don’t know if you’re a fac leader, but this is critical info for me.


Temporary workaround is to take (or have someone else take) ss’s just before the end of the war, may miss a few points here and there if you had a matchup that went to the end but should be a close enough to work with until a fix is in. That’s what i did for part 2.


Anything? Official response? Etc?



Garrett has them in his back pocket.


Someone who is in beta said that they’ve got a update that fixed it


Yes i can confirm it is fixed in the latest beta update.


Its ALMOST fixed in last patch. Shows only last war, however you swap … so … :confused:


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