Where are the war fills


We need fills to start dropping ASAP this stinks


I haven’t noticed a decrease in drops yet.


Lol they’re dropping fine.


Dropping fine over in Bacon :bacon:


Ive gained 1 :cry: and been in so many wars


Been using 1 per war and getting at least 1 back. Looks like you just hit a dry patch


You have to attack (and win, except towers) to get them. I mean how many were you in ?


Haha strangely enough, i know how wars work thanks for the tip tho :joy: been in 20+ and yes have succesful hits. Ive never had such low drop rates.


So you made 1300 points average per war yesterday ?

Thats what, 2 attacks per war ?


I’m up 13 cans right now and I put up over 200k. I like to war.


Yeah down only a
Couple closing on 200k. Was up for a good while, hit a bad dry spell, then got 7 or 8 cans in one war.