Where are the S-class collection gifts u promised us?

@GR.Scopely promised us gifts :package: we haven’t seen any since that 1500k choose box don’t u forget


Ya where they at

When did he promise this I never noticed

What 1500 choice box?
I recall getting a 500 choice one for cones/keys.


I didn’t get either of them

I don’t think there was ever a 1500, I would have it in my inventory with all my other choice boxes I have saved.
Still have the 500 one

I didn’t get either neither

Plus, if it was a promise… It’s Scopely, what did you expect? They don’t understand the definition

Why the fuck are they making a s class marlon and rosie?!

Because it generates more income for them

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He did in the free S-class announcement

They could of just made normal marlon and rosie s class. Instead of making a literally reskinned marlon and rosie. (Probably just changed of color n stuff)

Post the quote so you can hold their feet to the fire.

That would make them no money why would they do that

Lol you have a bucket for a brain and it seems to be empty.


Cause they know people will try and get a pixel dog instead of feeding their own pet dog.


You can stop trying to insult me. I only cared to respond. Gotta hit me where it hurts mate :wink:

any word?

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