Where are the roadmaps?


URG and parts map have not shown for 2 of the last 3 weeks for me and its really jammed me bad.


Bump bump it up


How can the Survivor’s Club possibly further limit access to gear when this is already barely accessible as is?


If you could design a game (not this one, just to be clear) to maximize profit… The only catch is people needed to want to play it. How would you do it?

Start with:
1 part cool theme
1 part strategy
1 part teamwork
1 part events
1 part collections
1 part (shaped) RNG
1 part repetitive behaviour setting mechanism (time limited energy)

Once the user is hooked, is then when you amp up all focus on the RNG and competitiveness where almost every single element could be won through extra coins. Not need to focus on gameplay or development at that point.

Smart strategy.


Soo, where is it??


So it’s early next week any word on new “finetuned” schedule @JB.Scopely

Or was it just a fob off to diffuse anger about our maps disappearing

It seems other maps are running on schedule so maybe there fine-tuning was just to remove weapon parts map to make survivors club more attractive?

Eagerly awaiting your response…


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