Where are the roadmaps?


Where are the part and ultra gear maps @JB.Scopely?


Agree… Last week with gear maps didn’t start as the normally do, now this week the parts map joined them… Someone wake up the intern that’s supposed to push start


Workshop map is up instead of shirts and gloves, maybe they moved all 3 to Saturday


One job intern.

You had one job.


Its probably the same place our gear went, into the league store, greedy $copely


JB is gone for the day. @Shawn.Scopely, can you help us?


Will you stop complaining about the roadmaps I’m sure they know what they’re doing. To keep busy just claim todays cauldrons and go run the… uhm… hey wait?!? Why are we still getting cauldrons today again?


I can’t remember the last time thursday maps started when they should. This can’t be accidental


Imagine if they had a gear crate you could buy… wait… they do… Scopely being Scopely.


@JB.Scopely this is hurting the little guys trying to craft there first huge ap weapons

We don’t need to increase the gap between top an bottom further

Please let us know where or 4* parts maps is

*** Not worried about duct tape an polishing kits as there are loads of places to collect but to new accounts this is the only source of laser sights and hardened spikes before ur town hall is lvl 20 of u get to gold daily SR


No we are worried about the DT and PK. PK hardly shows up in SR anymore and the weekly roadmap is the only time we can count on making weapon attempts.

We need those roadmaps.


Ballsy thing to say. It’s Scopely we’re talking about.


I’m currently investigating about the missing Roadmaps and will report back here.



free gear roadmap in compensation? :v


This is what’s gonna kill the game. I got the red Zeke from the league store and he’s gonna need 18 police shields to get fully maxed. I got 6 this week so that means at this rate it’ll take 2 more weeks to get 12 more. That’s too long to wait. And in the meantime I keep getting more toons that I can’t level up either. I don’t need 36 t3 toons. It’s getting old fast and my love for the game is fading away…


Yep there insistence on trying to make people pay for gear now or wait weeks makes no sense since they love having non-stop level ups. The only thing that makes sense to me is that the whales must be buying every gear deal thrown at them. I know as a mostly f2p player all it did is make me stop playing the game too.

Whales are going to be whales and they will always spend and keep the game in the black but completely ignoring the casual spenders and losing out on $5-25 dollars a month will make a huge difference at the end of the day when thousands upon thousands quit.

Get your act in gear and stop making people walk away.


Or cut the cost in half or even better just run the old maps so people can farm for what they need. To bottleneck 5-stars in a 6-star era is plain stupid.


JB, that’s a real disingenuous response… When the maps were omitted by design.
“Missing” assumes it was a mistake. Call it what it is “removed roadmaps”


Tbh even if they were removed on purpose JB might not know that therefore to him they are missing…