Where are the roadmaps for the last two masks?

There are six days left in the event. Where are the last two roadmaps? Just release them already.

Most of us have amassed all the necessary parts and the others can still work on earning them this week while us grinders can start leveling her up now and grind for more mods.

I know it’s a long shot to expect an actual official response but here goes anyway.


Which means the last map will be released on day 5/6 which im guessing would be a sunday. Then they would give 24hrs to collect on monday before closing the event.


They will come out on a date… before the event ends lol

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There was a schedule i think…not that it applies cause scopes like to switch it up

I’m thinking mask 7 you will have to pay for but I could be wrong

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No, final roadmap will be up later this week. Will be sick hard and expensive to complete though.


I doubt it will be expensive. May cost a couple cans. It WILL be hard, though. All legends, I’d wager.


There we go en again…

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6th one came up and yes, it is tricky but doable. And expensive. 29 world energy for the last 2 stages.

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One more map…release it now…do not make us wait until Sunday…do it…you know you want to… :wink:


The last roadmap is gonna be a S9++ nightmare, i guarantee it :unamused:

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Probably and for no good reason either. Always trying to squeeze a dollar from the players.

If your having trouble finishing it don’t forget to use your factions helpers. Make sure they put up defensive leaders. Pick that defensive leader while using an attacking leader so you get buffs to att, def, and hp.

If you are a newer player and even with this they are still too tough see if there is a spot open in a stronger faction and ask of of them if you could temporarily join to use their helpers.

Good luck.


I feel bad for new players and lower factions road map 7 will be a mess for them even with faction help. It’s like putting a brick wall at the finish line for them.

Pure speculation at this point though

I expect the last map to come up with 24 hours left on the timer. Source: just a gut feel.


I agree with your gut but I hope it’s wrong. I really want to start working on her and get her up to snuff by the next CRW.

My gut said the same thing. That’s why I’m spending the $15 to get her a couple days early. I’ll probably still progress through the last map, but I’m not gonna stress over it.

I agree it’s annoying to have the maps come so late but I’m trying my best not to knock this event. I mean not only is Michelle great but the number of obtainable mods from this event has easily made this one the best in a very long time. We need more of these.

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Why would you think that? Where did it say anywhere you have to pay for the mask? It actually said the mask will be provided via 7 road maps


"Walker Masks

  • Source: Seven 1 Act Roadmaps"

This is from a post by @GR.Scopely. Now if we could just get some info on when that last roadmap will drop…