Where are the promised "missions" on coins?

Just a question to Scopely: Where are the promised “missions” on coins?.. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They make a lot of promises (empty promises):+1:


That’s true… It seems that this is another “empty” promise… :angry:

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Are you talking about this promise? It’s not an ongoing thing, it was a one-time thing that came out when the one-time 1250 bonus coins came out. It was released, and it’s over.

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Easy to miss with the constantly changing daily, weekly, faction, bonus pull, SC, super bonus pull events that are constantly appearing.

Right, but still not a broken promise.

PS the offer wasn’t great, if you spent said tokens you were offered trainers or 10,000 5* tokens.

Ok we can let this one go LG if Negan got his coins but there are so many other Broken Promises for real🤗 (Unfortunately)


It’s hard to say they are broken yet. They gave themselves a big timeline to full fill their promises. The ones they have followed through on have been done in the least meaningful way, example Romanov. I also feel like they are falling behind on rolling this stuff out. I think they have broken a promise on better communication. The level of communication hasn’t changed. The council should’ve already been put together but it probably won’t matter anyway. Everyone’s patience has worn out and rightfully so. 60 days was just too long to wait


I’m talking about “missions” (event)… “Scopely” when removed coins from daily missions promised that coins will now be available in “missions event”… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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When did they say that?

When “presented” the updated journal of missions…

Yeah I was thinking in the past🤗

Did you SS it? Cause this is the first I’m hearing about this

They once only made it (“event” for coins), “soldiers of fortune” - did not work and they threw it…

So no promise of continued coin missions then. Just states the one event we got.

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That’s an old post, it’s talking about the now old missions. I’m guessing this post is referring to the opportunist coin event.

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