Where are the Lucille tokens?


Why aren’t we getting Lucille tokens in touraments? We’ve had level up, sr, raids, and no Lucille tokens as milestones or rewards. There are only 3 opportunities from the road map which are weeks apart. It would be nice to be able to have the chance at more than 3 pulls.

Where are lucille tokens?

Why even have a token wheel with such limits. Seems this 6 week event is more like a 2 week event stretched out.


Lucille tokens are located where Michonne head is located aka not going to happen


Hi @Queen.shiva you should be seeing Lucille Tokens coming to war this weekend.


Thats gay. Im guessing there the main ‘token’ prize for this coming war. Pathetic.


They will appear in milestones… and please pick alternative adjectives next time, thanks.


It says in the ingame message that lucille tokens will be available from events, sr will be the third event without any sign of them. Why you do dis scopely??? #bringbacktheolddays #farmabletokens


2 blitz wars back to back, can you see the lucille tokens? Or the benedicts? Or maybe the lilliths? Nope me neither :sweat:


Why worry about it anyway? They know that they increased the rates to get crap, which is why we hardly get them in events. The less the tokens, the more chances to get crap from the wheel. At this point, I’ll accept my next talkie I’m going to get. Useless talkies. I would have been satified if school bags came out the wheel, but they didn’t, so now I have to deal with talkie curse fir three more weeks. Smh…