Where are the legacies?

When are we going to get new legacies? Like I know there is life and death maggie that should come out soon, but is that it? Especially when we have more S class toons coming out soon. It would just be awesome if we had more than 1 legacy release at a time.


Last I remember is the Maggie but not sure if we will get another after her. Maybe they will make her Sclass

Oh Yeah, I’m sure of that :joy:. (irony)

From the promises thread

So I guess end of october… I seriously hope not though. When they released Hershel and Romanov close together it made me hopeful we’d see legacies more frequently. Especially now that S-class are here. But then I read that and all hope fades…

Any update on Maggie’s release? Or the future of legacy ascendables now that S-class has arrived? @GR.Scopely


Ps @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely can you make them descent or at least useable, aka not like Heather,Sergio,Romanov,Sawyer,Leon,Hershel etc etc Ty


Maggie better be a super sayan after all this waiting


Hmmmm I hope so😂

what does legacy mean?

Previously released Characters

that doesnt really seem fair if someone has 20 of a 5* and then all of a sudden they become 6* or maybe even S Class though does it?

Most ppl with about 20 of the same thing * use same 5* for fodder

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it seems more fair to release new characters that are powerful but that nobody has yet. maybe you could attain them by collecting a certain number of items in the museum. but just giving a bunch of characters to people that have played forever how is that fair?

because when 6* were release they said every 5* would eventually become a 6*

The legacy toons arent generally that good but are useful to the f2p player. these toons have more often then not been available in the wheels etc already anyway


there’s like a billion 5*s though. anyone with a brain knows that’s not happening. sounds like an idea that just wasnt realistic.

5* characters (just looking at them now, in complete hindsight) seem wayyyyyyyy simpler than current 6*s do.

release that many different 6s one of them would accidentally be stupid good or something. ya know

eta: I’m sure if they just made 100 new trash 6*s it’s not gonna make anybody happy

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I dont he understands that no ones going to waste medals on 20 of the same lead skill

Little Question. Since when do you play?

May, I think. Maybe April. My region started in Febuary

That explains your view on Legacys. Thank You

You see. The People who started playing before Autumn of 2017 (Where 6* were introduced) have alot of 5* and also sometimes a really strong bond with them or have invested alot of Money in them.


Hershel is very useful.


I understand the attachment. It is the nature of online games, however, that progress happens.

It can be hard to say goodbye but you must. Every online game, whether F2P or P2P. World of Warcraft, Clash of Clans, Counterstrike, Pokemon, anything… Out with the old, in with the new.

This is necessary so that newer players can eventually catch up to old players. Stagnancy is good for no one other than feelings of nostalgia.