Where are the league store toons leak

Has anyone got as of the league store toons that’s coming in. 4 days

Lemme check vk.

Probably have the promisegivers no clue yet

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I have heard there will be a 2 week delay on the new store toon☹️

Again? Bloody hell.

Ikr all Scopes employees are concentrating on S-class atm😉

welcome to scopley where magical things happen.

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There won’t be anymore league toons. It’s been coming. They have been terrible anyway.

Last season they should the PC the toons. So if they haven’t seen them yet it’s not a good sign.

@Brucey @LadyGeek @Parker

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To be fair having sclass season toon and items for others available would be much better but we all know that won’t happen

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We’ve suggested a couple things but nothing back - while I’ve been in there at least


If their is leaks it will be in Saturday or Sunday

If this is true that’s totally fucked up they can put out a new promo week after week never a delay but yet when it come to two toons every3 mounths or so they don’t have them ready and you know damn well them have plenty more promos made they should just give us those instead so they are actually useful for a change


Can’t believe they are not leaks yet maybe my fib above is true🤷🏼‍♂️

because they don’t care about league toons, they don’t make any money off them. If they could get rid of them at this point they probably would.

Collection items is want we need.
Another useless 6* doesn’t help anyone.



Wasn’t there an official post about the toons a day or two before last season?

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You would think so

The question is what can they possibly put on there that people would want?

S-Class dual toon, Elle and Negan merged together, the first bideback specialist.