Where are the kites?

I need blue kites for my Roxie, and I’m sure other people need different color kites and flags as well. When are we going to see these? Making toons that rely on specific items to level, and then having no way to get said items is absurd. Please do a simple roadmap or something. Seriously, how hard can it be???


Seems they have already abandoned the duel specialist idea


Its sure does. But I DO have 3300 sombreros from coming in the top spot of several individual and faction events. Whoop-de-shit scopes

Thats really good

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Coming soon the s class dual specialist. If you think that’s to much even for scopely you are wrong

Yeah rng based rewards where distinct amounts of resources are spent for a goal is very bad. I remember for other museum events in the past you got a defined, guaranteed, amount of collection items for the toon. Such as the event for Marlon or the one for sandy. Rng bags are bs.

But wait!

As soon as you get those kites you’ll need flags to level her up.

And boy o boy.
we are going to reach right in those shorts and take the wallet and on top of it all we will then proceed to kick you in the ding ding.(or nah nah)!!!
Keep surviving!!!

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