Where are the **gifts u promised us scopely?

At the release of s-class, scopely promised us s-class collectibles, we haven’t seen any since that choice box of 500 :card_file_box:? Any explanation @GR.Scopely or this topic just gonna get ignored and deleted?

**gifts = free s-class collectibles


They never fulfill there promises.
They should stop making them


Does giving everybody free shards help close the gap?

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I talked to scopely about this but I’m not going to tell you what they said.


I wouldn’t expect a player to have to do so :wink:


Whales got all the s-classes they wanted when u could collect 5300 collectibles in total, now they just removed it and started giving out the old op 6* they never be in museum, ftp and normal spenders barely got 2 or 3 from the museum, there’s no much time left to collect them all or most since u need all the different s-class to fight through the meta

I’m not derailing this thread, you can discuss it on the Recap if you wish. But I can assure you my Plat III faction in a Wave 2 region is considered one of the lowered echelons of ‘elite’ :joy:


And who’s really to blame for that?

I don’t want thank yous. Know what the PC is saying and do with that what you will. But I would never want to see greater communication mutated to be expected to come from a player instead. What?

I’m not interested in the argument whether the PC should or shouldn’t exist. It was July 2019, the players were hitting a brick wall with feedback. Scopely returned with the PC. I thought ‘what the hell’ let’s work with this. I’ve always supported forum-primacy and that hasn’t changed. I’m giving feedback on how to improve the game with the tools I have.

Because that is what every player’s role is

Because that is not what any player’s role is.

Which is why you shouldn’t be so adamant that you get Scopely information off me. I don’t give recaps because I want ‘thank yous’. I do it because I think communication is a necessity not a privilege. Unfortunately I’m not Scopely and I do not have any grounds to represent them. I don’t find it so difficult to grasp.


They didn’t get those for free, they‘ve spent for those collectibles.

Yes but the point was that every player should give feedback. It’s what every player does here. As for elections, I didn’t make the PC so it’s moot to argue its structure with me. I’ve tried to make it transparent as much as I can. I wear the tag because I don’t intend to hide away and make things unneccesarily more secretive. In a dramatic voice, I’m not your enemy Jim


They never did before so I wouldn’t assume No PC = Wider communication

And here I am with pc getting same result pretty comical.

But the PC’s role isn’t to tell you what Scopely says. It’s role is to give feedback to the devs. Which you can debate about the morality all day long fair dos. But being an unofficial mouthpiece, not a part of it


No but it’s fair on everyone and that how all games should be run on fairness

This is what was said:

They never said they’d give more free ones beyond the 500 they sent.


Damn you just murder the dude lol

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Benefits of having a pro bono publico scopely mod in elite club

@Parker can’t tell you what Scopely had replied to PC suggestions because they had not replied. They are just collecting “feedback” aka “ideas of PC members” and say “we’ll think about it”. No promises, no dates, no discussion.

It is basically like a mailbox named “For your ideas”. Nothing more.