Where are the gear maps


Are we going to get one today or tomorow @kalishane? I read after the last gear event was over we would see some gear maps. Triple route would do nicely :grin:


I think they consider all the gear they give away to be sufficient


Well, at some point last week Shane said that there would be a gear roadmap this week. I believe that is what Inferno is asking about


I’m working on it!

Last I heard before Monday!

Seeing what we can do about making it earlier!


Thanks Shane! Yeah, it’s hard to do level up tournaments when we don’t get that weekly map


What gear map can we expect? Any chance there is 6* gear?


I believe it will be Elite Rare Gear Map this week.


Your killing me Shane😭


I’m sorry!

They flux!


Make em constant like you promised😣


What about the gear maps for legendary toons? I’m in need of a radio, I know other peeps are needing legendary gear, too.

When are the legendary maps going to be released?



this week or this weekend? The week is almost over (today is Friday).


She said last she heard it was gonna be before Monday, and that its gonna be elite item roadmap.


The weekly gearmap that we were told we would be getting with multiple tiers is what people are looking for … The one that was talked about before ascendance went live. These types of things are why every little hiccough scopely has make everyone get salty AF. Add that to all the other things that have been said lately and you have a time bomb waiting to go off…


I’m working on it!

Not sure of Legendary maps being frequent or not – I know there will be changes to gear maps coming here soon.


Considering that trainers are now being limited like gear(since you have no other path to level ARs), is there a likelyhood of us seeing aiden/Lilith/etc roadmaps in the future?