Where are the Gear Hunt roadmaps?

What’s happened to the Gear Hunt maps? 3rd week in a row with no Gear Hunt roadmaps while we have 2-3 lvl ups per week.


Looks like they moved the roadmap in the “offer section”



Come on @JB.Scopely what has happened to the Thursday glove & shirt gear roadmap, been missing for weeks. Are we just expected to buy these most basic of gear?


Ultra rare gear map is missing also


only roadmap that showed up for me today is the weapon parts one, missing gear hunt and ultra gear this week, getting progressively worse. but would love to know why this is 3rd week in a row with no gear hunt map for shirts/ gloves / rainboots

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Here’s why you gotta spend to get the gear

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You know, I’m perfectly ok with this. Grinding for shirts/gloves sucks major balls and I will gladly spend the 70 coins.


Yeah for loves and shirts is one thing but our ultra gear is anothher

I can farm more shirts and gloves than I get for 70 coins


This is getting ridiculous. @JB.Scopely

Lately the typical response is no response

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to people thinking we’ll ever get those roadmaps back

It finally showed up!! Nice, I know I’m not the only one hurting for gear with all these level ups.

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Well what do ya know. Both maps showed up

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It’s up boizzz!!!

Both (ultra and shirts/gloves)

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