Where are the frost cards?

Anyone know when frost cards are gonna be implemented into rewards?

not a clue. i’m waiting for the Xmas Mercer card reward. the randomness is annoying.
it needs to be consistent for the toons to have a card in the rewards.


Daiyu cards still need to get added to most choice boxes. Then Princess, Mercer, and Minerva before Frost I think. So at this rate, 2022.


Lol, we don’t even got Princess cards on events


Bump. Card rewards need to be updated 100% please @WalkerTexasRanger

You rang? I’ll have a chat with the team and see what we can do. Maybe we can counter global warming with some frost cards soon :sweat_smile:

(Yeah, I’ll see myself out after that joke…)


Jesus, a CM with some attempt at humor and taking it to the team? Keep it up mate, though we know it’s sometimes moot when you bring it up to the team but the humor is a breath of fresh air (still a horrible joke though lol :frowning:)


Frost and Princess would be swell.


@Magpie I’ve been made aware of how much you all hate the phrase, so I am solemnly trying my best to refrain from using “Take it to the team” and “Keep on surviving” :sweat_smile: :innocent:

Get used to the bad jokes… But I will try my best to get back to you on whatever the team say when I do ask. (Even if it’s just a no or if they will consider it for the future).

For the frost cards, the team have agreed to include them as a reward for a future collection, but that is as much info as I can share at this point.

Hope this helps, and stay frosty! (I did warn you about the jokes)


We need mercer also. He came out before Frost. @WalkerTexasRanger

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:smile: I like you more every day. Gj WTR©

Appreciate it bud, all I needed to know

Chuck Norris does not approve of your joke

I love all puns. Keep em coming :slight_smile:

Ok @WalkerTexasRanger you’re a legend and also continue with the dad jokes

we.dont hate the phrase
we just hate cm who say it and do Jack all and never.update us with the progress


if u take it to the team
mean it and get a response, I dont care if its go jump(most likely) but it’s a response

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@WalkerTexasRanger can you ask the team if they are going to update the torches box ?
I’ve been saving my torches for a long time just want to know if it’s worth saving em… also keep up good work and corny jokes… lol

Any news on the likes of mercer princess cards etc … also any news on if the torches will re appear on milestones after the paw prints are gone @WalkerTexasRanger


@WalkerTexasRanger when is a farmable gear map for 6*’s going to happen? When is schamply ever going to be generous in making their players not starved for gear or trainers. Or is it all a tactic to get people to spend on petty amounts of gear for a ridiculous price?

6*’s come out. Farmable gear map goes away and hello bullshit offers that make us have to pay. S-class come out with double the food and gear requirements. Still no farmable gear map and reserves of food get decimated, along with everyone’s stash of trainers.

When can the game be fun again as well? Can you ask that too?

where are the frost cards and princess cards ? when thats all farmable in the roadmap ? when can i get another free s class toon ? when we can trade all the left over blue keys ? when we can trade all the left over gold bricks ? any future update ? when ?