Where are the f2p specialists?


I think one of the most reasons why there is a growing difference between f2p and p2w is the fact that mostly all promos are specialists and f2p are leaders. The last f2p specialists released are red gov and lori. This grinds my Gears. In the good old 5* era, most new skills had promos (for example shield) like Magna, Garrett, Konrad and f2p Versions like Lee or Michonne (5* Tokens).

So where are the f2p specialists now? It would bring back some balance I think. And the money-wheel goes around if f2p players could use for example the new skills, because p2w Players have to buy the next generation of better promos in the future.

Another F2p leader skill?

Specialist skill = Special
F2P = Not Special
if you want something good you have to pay for it, you wont get handouts all the time.


Like alpha, Richard, Aiko etc?


Which one is it? Lol


As long as you and a significant amount of other players refuse to give Scipely your money for a sub-par game, you will get nothing but sub-par toons.


Are there any totally FTP players, or many of them at least? I mean, I’m not a whale nor totally FTP, about 75 a month habit, which is a whole lot to some and nothing to others. I don’t belong anywhere…


I have to agree with some of the others, good characters are the ones you have to pay for. Sure we got decent characters like Mira, now Alpha, Tyreese, Carl, Glenn, etc. But you can’t really expect to get good characters without paying unless you happen to get a really good pull from one of the special event wheels.


I’m closer to $30 a month. A few in my faction are completely F2P. I can see the divide more and more everyday between me and those who spend.


My 6*s are mostly f2p toons.
Zeke guardian 2
Abraham indomitable
Tyreese decapitate
Maggie indomitable
Legacy gov neutralize
Lori neutralize
Shiva cutthroat
Glenn command
Wyatt hold the line
Siddiq command
Negan evasion
There’s a couple more but those were lucky tokens draws or wins from tourneys.


Don’t forget the 4 from the 150 Sr thing


And even at 75 it feels like it makes little difference. My point being that the game caters not to those who spend but to those who SPEND!!! I get that life isn’t about giving you anything for free, but when you buy a subscrition to the game (and how I wish they would convert to a flat rate sub), there should be this ability that everyone in the game shares at a base level, making skill a larger aspect of the results. I would be much happier to pay 20 a month and have everyone actually grinding, and competing for the same end result and it being based on a combination of luck, effort, and committment.

So, the whole reason I brought this up was related to the where are the FTP specialists? They are where every other FTP toon worth anything are…no longer to be had. Unless you were around year 1, war 1, the ability to score the top toons is a no go. With the way the game is evolving even 200 a month was getting me nowhere. 3 years of effort and 200 a month, I still had no human shield, no healers to speak of, and the Jesus from depot my only revive. I left the game for a year out of disgust, returned to have a common interest with my spouse, spending 50-75, no difference in the end result, just a difference in the amount of grinding required at times.

Now, scopes wants us to pay for the gear that we used to be able to farm for free. We are expected to pay for items (comparable) that used to flow freely while the most people had to bitch and moan about was that the same 3 factions would win the top characters every week. There was never a sincere effort put forth by scopely to create a gaming balance, never a desire to meet the wants or needs of those playing the game. The 6 star reset became a joke the moment scopely purposely created a bottleneck to level those characters. Effectively granting the whales their overlord status once again. To top it off, they destroyed war with subpar rewards that make you question your dignity as a human being if you even bother to acknowledge that war exists by participating.

tl:DR, I don’t mind paying to play an enjoyable game that everyone can have a great experience with, but paying to come in last got old. I came for the party, I stay for the lasting friendships I made. I get my fix elsewhere where gaming is concerned, from companies that get it right and know how to do it better.


Where are my p2p leaders… The only p2ps I’ve got are specialists …


Carl was p2p


The only toons I have pulled that I paid for were Mirabelle, before 6 star days or maybe right at beginning, before she was a prize. And a Shiva. All these years and I only managed 2 characters beyond a 4 star in regards to paying to pull.


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