Where are the depo updates?

where is the updated depo???

Week starting tomorrow

Its Monday 19th though in the UK. But not in America, which is where the magic happens and us europeans are forced to wait unfortunately.

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Also as a side note Scopely did say “within the week starting August 19” allowing them the ability to drop it whenever they like. Hopefully today but i wont get my hopes up.

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I personally think that means it will update when everyone’s usually changes for the week, which from my knowledge varies person to person

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Ya but not the daily ones

Those could update sometime tomorrow I suppose. But I’m just speculating

Just another thing, coin refreshing your depot does NOT give the new setup.


Thoughts and prayers to the 200 coins lost in finding this fact out.


Ask questions before you do something you’re not sure about


no update, i’m in asia

Wow you mean they do things in pst how weird.

i gs they will update depo. after war

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