Where are the damn league rewards?



@JB.Scopely I asked you earlier dude and you straight up ignored me so I’m asking again where are the damn league rewards ?


I was told you have to wait


They’ll come man little patience goes a long way

Cheers and have a happy week


Reward are missing fix them !!!


Or what ?? You’ll type some nasty shit to them ? That’ll teach em!!! They’ll come they were also slightly delayed the last time , I for one have no worries that we’ll get our dues. Cheers


They act like the rewards were cancelled like Telltale :joy::joy::joy:


Why would I type some nasty shit to them ? They wouldn’t even shit talk back so where’s the fun in that dude ? I just want my damn league rewards


A little patience goes a long way. Not like you aren’t gonna get the rewards at all


I like the “patience” chant in here. It is hilarious that you’re banking on them to get this right when their track record suggests otherwise. Lol


I already know they ignoring me just showing how useless the system is dude I’ll be shocked if Jb even posts on my thread maybe sometime in 2021 I’ll get a damn answer if I’m lucky.


They are in :grinning:


got my solo rewards, still waiting on faction rewards
edit-now those are in


Got both already and a free gator


they are out !


And they have been lowered for the 3rd straight time. I guess by the end we will get maybe a dozen of each token.

The only game where they can make the rewards crappier the higher you climb and people will still spend just to be number one. :rofl: