Where are the coins?

@JB.Scopely where are the coins for leagues? I know you guys didnt just stop giving them to us. Please say its a bug.


Did we get coins for the qualifier for the start of season 2?

Good question. I thought we did tho

We did. On the plus side, no coins completely removed obligation to not get relegated in leagues, so I can save tons of money on refills and the like.

My wallet likes this.


Wait… so you were spending to make sure you won around 700 coins a week? As long as u spent less than $10 a week i guess that makes sense otherwise you were spending for nothing


i got mine…

You did?

Get back to Delorean, Marty!


go back to about 2 00 on the clock tower.

The image of an old man with a cigarette putting in £100 on a coin bandit machine just to win £50 back springs to mind lol

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All league tiers have no coins, guess they dont want to start paying us like before. new ways to change the meta in the game

We get gravy boats for big pulls. That would explain the disappereance of league coins :slight_smile:

I think we didn’t get coins for qualifier week season 2 but I could be wrong.

I thought we did.

Any confirmation @JB.Scopely

Are coin rewards removed from leagues all together, or just the qualifying week?

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I would like to know as well.


That’s really weak during seeding where players will try for s high rank.

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Sorry if this was already answered as there are many threads and my ability to read is lacking. A search just revealed this one as open. Are the League coins dropped? If so then looks like I am closer to retire time.

@JB.Scopely can you please confirm one way or another ? :slight_smile:

This is not a bug. We should have more details to follow.