Where are the Blue Keys?

So I recently got some blue keys, which suggests they are actively running. So where do I find them? I looked everywhere but there is no count. Help!

did you check the muscem

I did. Nothing there that requires blue keys (???). How can I get them when you can’t do anything with them?!?

you get them as side catch in jessie promo

I only got 150 lol

i got 350 keys

You can redeem them in the museum for Pete and can get some more keys from the Premier Recruit Wheel.



Sweet you peeps only need 11k good luck

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piece of annivarsey cake

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They have 200keys in offers for $99 if that helps? Lmao


11k. Well, I am probably nowhere near that. Thanks @GR.Scopely for responding, but nothing appears in my museum that takes blue keys. I have looked every day

UPDATE: I finally have it in my museum, and I am at 976 keys. So if I spend $99.99 for 200 blue keys, I will only need to spend $4999.50 to get Pete…


He’s well worth it. You should do it :joy:

LOL, yes. And because it says it’s a “great deal” it must be. Everything on the internet is true you know… :grin:

Of cause it’s a great deal! He could be 7.500$. Grab him while you can! Lol

Did you not say that they will drop from very challenging roadmaps? Or that’s forgotten too?

Players can acquire Blue Keys from the following sources:

  • Opens of Premier Recruits (both as a dropped item and as a bonus item)
  • Mission Events (Bonus Rewards)
  • Limited-time roadmaps

Correct :slight_smile: That’s the original statement on how to get Blue keys but currently only the Premier Recruit Wheel (Jessie Anderson) will provide you with those keys.


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