Where are my purple tokens Scopely?

Like really… I completed this milestone 2hrs plus ago and haven’t got what I’m promised like the other promises u have so called “given us”. Your list for older players is already a joke with S class toons released every 2 weeks with so many bugs like what is ur Beta testers for if they aren’t to help u find bugs. Ive already not been able to play a weekend and a few days because of ur stupidity…Its actually laughable considering ur council is also a joke. I can’t even give or receive information and I’m left in the dark. These tokens for Camila and Rick are great but only if I get them…I didn’t even get the last milestone so what’s the point if ur store is so bugged I can’t even buy anything. At least give me a f in the chat so I know to quit without any money spent on u. #fixurgame

Please post a picture of you current league total points for the season.

Often the milestone page is wrong and quite behind what you actually have but you receive the milestone rewards when you were meant to

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To clarify what @Opie said, there are 2 places where trophies are shown.

The first, you get to by tapping on Leagues on your town map, then milestones. This is probably what you have pictured here. This total does not include the league points that came from arena rank rewards.

The second, you get to by going to your own profile, then looking at the leagues tab. This total will include the league points that came from arena rank rewards. This is also the total where your correct milestones are shown.

What probably happened is you passed that milestone a while ago on the correct total found on your profile screen. You received milestone rewards at that time and already opened them.


Thank you miss @LadyGeek.

For me currently if I look at my milestone page I have 233k until the final milestone. But when I look at my total league points this season I am 32k away from the last milestone.

I did a million times before…nothing

What did you do a million times before?

How do you suppose she fix it when she can only monitor the forums?

And why do you assume I’m not trying to get it fixed?

Because he is under the thought process that you helping is using your elite skills to go into gl his game to fix it with your magic powers

You’re making a lot of judgement calls on my life. As busy as my life is or isn’t , it doesn’t change how much others can do for me.

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