Where are my green flags!

I opened 5 crates and on all five picked green flags. Right now my inventory shows 2 green flags. Where are my other 8?

I’ve pulled at least 8 sets and show 0 flags in my inventory. Any help would be appreciated

to my knowledge theres an issue with all flags showing up in your inventory and they show fine on the actual dual specialist, but i might be wrong on that and am just thinking of one of the other bugs involving collectables

Flags or kites?

Probably with the plushies and left over beacons…

The Twilight Zone.

Lesson learned for me after the last event, don’t claim a damn thing until the event is in its final days.

Let everyone else find bugs early on, so for that I thank you. I hope the issue is resolved


I claimed I think six of those crates and nothing in inventory… Remembered this post, or one similar and stopped to check.

mine show up might be a non better thing or is it.

Mine never showed up either. Is there a fix?

I guess we will see it first if we have obtained that Michonne and want to upgrade her.

Why would you claim them before there is a use for them?? Always wait for the masses to test out potential bugs for you.


The crates give you green flags which appear in inventory. Museum Michelle needs green kites.

Claimed one crate. Zero. Not claiming the rest until this is fixed…

5* tokens are back

Scopely messed up in the first choice boxes. They contained flags of 3* rarity, which are collection items with no purpose, instead of flags of 5* rarity (gear type).

I have 2 Michonne boxes in my inventory with the wrong flags:

I got in touch with Support about this problem.

Opened all mine none in the inventory wtf is going on ?

Same claimed 2 flags and none in inventory

Good catch! That’s probably the answer, flags in crate are 3* but the inventory is 5* which is why it’s not showing up.


Good to know that they are still taking testing and QA seriously.
Are they even paid? Or just free interns?

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so this isnt resolved yet? havent opened any since the issue was rasied.

Guess I’ll be taking the black flags since scopely wont fix this. Wait… the black flags are 3* too…