Where are my Benedicts?

Hi all, really need some assistance here. I’ve been signed up to the survivors club since the inception (was hoping to T4 Andrea eventually), and was buoyed by the prospect of the ten free Benedict’s as promised in the pop up on game start.

So I have been logging in daily and no Benedicts have come up in offers. I assume I should have got them by now. I have contacted supported on four occasions now and was told to wait and make sure I check the offers tab. One support tech suggested I look on here for more details. I can’t see any more details but assume if I haven’t got the offer by now, then it is not coming… surely this could not be a hard thing to fix?

Anyone else experiencing similar? I’m thinking that if I am not getting everything by being subscribed then I should seek a refund. Sound fair?


Someone else posted this issue earlier today or yesterday too. I didn’t see a response from Scopely

I’m having the same issue, I’ve had numerous responses which just tell me if I am eligible for the reward, they will appear in my offers tab. If they do not, they cannot add them fron outside of the game.
It’s most unhelpful. It doesn’t feel as if any of the customer support members responding to my ticket have actually read the chat thread, as they all just respond with a very similar answer and ignore any additional information I request.


Same exactly. Fed up of the cut and paste responses from support too. Messaged jb about it but no reply. I’m going to refund if it’s not sorted. They are making it sound like it’s my fault for not having collected the offer when it’s never been there.

This is exactly my next step, too. I’ll wait out until the end of the offer period since they keep saying to wait and keep my eyes on offers, as it may appear within the window, but they also say that once the period has passed and I’ve not received them, it’s impossible for them to be credited to my account.

Great customer service: “Don’t complain about it until it’s too late for us to fix it. It’s very unlikely that you’ll receive what we’ve commited to giving you through our paid service and don’t intend to give you it if you don’t automatically receive it”

Four times I’ve been given the same cut/paste response, despite providing more information and further specifying what I want an answer to with each of my replies.



Survivors Club Members eligible (trial period excluded, as a reminder) for those rewards will get them as a free offer to be claimed from the shop, within the week of the promotion.

I suggest we keep an eye on this and I will continue to monitor this thread.
I’ll open a case internally to browse in further details the expected delivery of those to players.

I suggest to approach support if the week has passed and you are yet to receive the Benedicts, as our support team will be able to check your eligibility on case by case, and compensate you accordingly.

Many thanks


Thanks jb, the multiple support staff I have spoken to have said that they cant credited them to your account if you don’t claim them. Is this not the case? If I miss out on these Benedict’s in any region i play in I will be refunding. I also don’t expect to go through this every week of events.

Thanks for the response, JB.

I specifically asked Customer Service that my eligibility was confirmed to me (despite knowing that I should be eligible), but was met with the standard stock response suggesting that they will appear if I am eligible and won’t be credited after the offer date ends regardless of my eligibility state.

Did not get minr yet but i am cool with waiting before i ask for help👍


Just another day here at scopley. Never fear more mistakes around the corner.
I play other games and I can tell you i have never ever experienced a game that has as many glitches, errors, and lack of support as this one. If this effected them and players not in sc received 8 benidicts I bet that would be taken care of immediately. I don’t know what exactly was said in receiving these rewards but the fact that there’s more then one thread tells me there are more that haven’t as well.

Haven’t gotten mine either… Will wait. But not long.

Thank you JB. I have had Dennis from support verify my subscription, so will wait for a couple of days then get in touch with support again. Do I need to provide receipts or other documentation? I’d be happy to show this to support staff.

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Just got mine about fifteen minutes ago. In the shop.

Still nothing for me here. I asked support to check my eligibility (am a subscriber, not a trial membership) and had the very useful answer that if I am eligible the offer will appear. Your customer service and support is generally poor and at times laughable.

Are you checking the featured section? The bennies are in a members bag in the featured part of the shop.


We have been told it is in offers, but I have been checking both.

Still no Benedicts. Will try supportagain soon

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This is the last day of the offer and I still haven’t received it.
Support is next to useless JB. What will happen tomorrow when this offer closes? We have informed you and support of this issue early enough for a fix to be made.
If the answer tomorrow is that it is too late and the offer is closed, this will be completely unacceptable.

Then we will be screwed of course.

Does not mean that they can not retroactively send them to us.

I am still waiting for mine but not to worried.

Do you really have any confidencevleft in this company to do the right thing. Been burned far too many times.