Where are Lee,magna,hershel and maggie!

Whats the point of not relesing them?
The only point i se is to piss f2p players.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely

If u dont want to relese them tell us.


Hopefully they don’t get released :crossed_fingers:


I get why peoole are frustrated and want them released but your asking them to confirm they wont be releasing something they never said would be released in the 1st place


You were never supposed to see them they dont leak their toons VK does. So why just because you see them do you expect them.


Probably not in the meta. Why don’t you think they have released a g2 shield?

I hope they don’t release them and just use them as enemies in roadmaps and SR! :crossed_fingers:




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In the Twilight zone.Hate to say it but don’t think they’re ever coming.

Give it up already. No one wants these fukn def toons. Where are the f2p legacy atk toons


Why would anyone want green Hershel? Let’s hope they release Romanov with the decap instead of these. They aren’t in the meta, except yellow Maggie.


They can always add little changes, such as remove elusive, remove slow, disable command for 3 turns (since stun is unreliable), etc. Not that they will but…

And it’s easy to understand why people want the readily available hershel over the lower availability of romanov

Doesn’t matter is a toon is readily available if he’s not in the meta. He’s not going to help on offense and on defense we already have Solange. I picked Romanov from the wheel just like Hershel.

Give me the decap over the revive please.

Y’all be Gucci and hyped until…

Jackson and Sawyer


I want Maggie as a 6… lol she’s honestly fine as a 5* because commands are only good for one thing.

Imagine the boost the player base would get if they actually did release these toons with decent stats, ASkills etc😀

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Never coming

I really just want lee to be released out of all of them because it is lee. Attack toon wise we will be getting Romanov another god damn toon I have never had the chance to get yet they won’t release toons most players have such as lee Hershel Magna and Maggie because they don’t like free to play players benefiting in ANY way possible

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