When you craft, do you use PK, DT, or both


Just a question for the community. Some said not to use the success tape with the polishing kit if you want crit every time, so yeah, is it safe to use both or one the other? Just tired of wasting crafting materials.



For critical tries for upgrades, like specials (stun, ad etc.) I allways use tape and kit together and I start it with the crit buff active.

Same goes if I get a special effect on a weapon, and I further upgrade it. With f. Ex. Huge ap when attacking.

If im out of kit, i allways send off a random weapon with success and crit buffs from territories for free tries. You get alot of fails, but its better then your armory doing nothing.


i use both trait specific and +30/+5 upgrades, i have 3x stun on defense, 2x impair on defense, 1x impair on attack, 1x absolute defense, 2x 8% AP. I skip using tape or kits for for very large bonus ap upgrades but might use them for huge AP since 6*s have higher rushes.


Thanks guys


If you don’t succeed, you cannot get a crit, so you are always best off using both. If you only use the crit boosting item there’s a significant chance that crafting will fail and you’ll have wasted your parts.


I see, and can I still get a crit buff without using territory buffs? Like using both pk and dt without the territory?


Yes, you can but it is less likely.


Thanks because if I’m to ever go solo and leave a faction, I wanna still be able to craft good weapons with areas buffs :slight_smile:


Meant without*


i dunno. ive always just used both when trying to go for trait specials. only time i wouldnt is when i dont have an immediate need of a weapon and use no modifiers.

btw. cool profile pic dash. looks almost like someone might make a rts cameo soon lol.


Unless i have a serious over inventory of polishing kits I use both. So always have crit territories when I build. Kits n tape are too precious to waste.


Exactly :+1:t3:


Got a critical success this morning without using pk or dt :rofl::joy::joy: but ofcourse the other weapon I opened at the same time using both pk and dt gave me a bonus crit success. Complete joke.


I have never gotten a worthwhile crit success on any weapon…ever…hundreds of tries…no luck.


when I have a territories advantages for crafting success , sometime I use only pk just only increase critical…but it is very risk you can fail it !!! (for me crafting success 4 from 6 with critical )


I like how they say insert item here. These support fools just copy and paste responses to any queries. Useless.