When will yellow Maggie become ascendable?

It was promised Maggie would be ascendable by the middle of October, it’s nearly November… when is this going to be>?


Never cause she sucks


Yes please. I just got her so I care about this now :smiley:

Thought it was by the end of October

tick tock…only a few more days left in Oct

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Thursday is the last day of the month Scopely. We’re wondering at what point is Maggie getting her 6☆ released this week?

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Nov. 17th


October 31st probably


Probably around October 26th of 2020. Just be ready to grind the “new and improved” Survival Road stages to get her tier gear. :+1:


They like to do things on the very last day possible. By the end of October to them means October 31 at 11:59 pm PST.


What’s the point of waiting this long? To make it less time between ascendables that are released? It’s just so absurd.

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They said mid October, they didn’t say mid October 2019!! So don’t be so inpatient. It will become in some mid October


@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

Queried the team on this particular topic - I will let you know once I have an answer from them.



I doubt I’ll ascend her unless I get a dupe use her too much in old school now. Sadly, I foddered about 5 before the news.

Got 4 of her not going make her a 6

She wont be any good. Too many ppl have lots of her

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I have like 3 or 4. If she’s not a command then who cares anyway

I do not think it will matter when or if she becomes ascendable. Based off of past “Legacy” 6* she will be sub par at best and will not make it into most teams.

I think they have punished the people that skipped on Nik long enough. They need to throw out another yellow command

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