When will we see the NEXT Ascendable 5* that isnt a brand new promo

Title says it all. Will we in fact ever see ascendable 5*s as we were promised, not even as war prizes just in general.

I think the entire community deserves to have this answered immediately because that’s why most are even still playing holding out hope.

So can we get an update when we gonna see this 5*s ascendable…and 2018 is less then 3 weeks away so early 2018 is coming soon.

Lets see if this really happens.
Or if it turns out like Alberts letter.


Sweater Rick is coming with the Xmas event or so we’ve been told won’t hold my breath tho

If gold nuggets are a constant reward for top 100 in these events then I would say Wyatt.

Wyatt is shite and has a unique weapon. don’t take him and get T4 gear for actually good 6*


Wyatt is right now free to play whether he is a good character or not is up to you not like you have to pay for him.

You cannot class wyatt as f2p until we see how the nugget event unfolds. He is also not an old character so is completely irrelevant to the conversation.
What I will say is it will be8 WEEKS since sidique On Friday the last f2p legacy characters, in other words 2 months since the last f2p

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Wyatt is a five star Ascendable is he not based on the op? If you stay in top 100 in events most likely you will get Wyatt free to play if you choose him over teir 4 gear and just lose out in getting teir 4 gear.

Wyatt is not F2P for the moment since people are struggling with the SR solo event

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Explain how I just finished Sr free to play

You can’t go past 500 000 without being f2p

Don’t need to 393 is a perfect run and not everyone finishes sr due to real life but if u set your times right it’s still possible free to play

I don’t think that’s what he’s getting at, I think the point is that f2p will finish top 100as top 10 are more than 500 k normally, so will get 2k nuggets s, so extrapolating that out we will need to finish top 100 in 6 tornaments to get wyatt, that’s provided that the next 5 have nuggets as rewards, and let’s face it scopley have a very long history of just stopping things mid event, plastic pieces negan tokens, etc, so you cannot be saying right now f2p will get wyatt the evidence isn’t there


Short answer to the OP’s question: Never…

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Also let’s rember Christmas items are still yet to appear my bet is when they do nuggets will stop

Fair point we will see how this goes towards the end I imgaine by next week we can have a good guess

It would be nice to see new reds, yellows, greens…

I don’t know why they decided to funnel the whole player base into the same
teams and continue to sell these new 6 stars over and over.

It’s like they want to create a solid amount of mid tier 6 stars.
But first, they want to sell as many as possible and try to milk the players before
introducing new more powerful 6 stars with more powerful activs and 56 rush possibly aswell.

It feels like all the toons in existence should be free 2 play.
Maybe Erika is the only “Legit” premium toon so far.
Since her leader skill + revive is unique at this time.

Ezekiel is still the top tier 6 star in my mind.

I’ve decided to basically wait it out.
I don’t see the point in investing into these early 6 stars.
And Wars are irrelevant. I’ve already got a satisfactory team for Wars.
So I literally have next to no purpose to add new people to my roster.
Especially observing the prizes lately. What is even the point.
For both offense and defense, I can basically use the same 5 people and go toe to toe with everything.
I would not mind moving into a stage where I have different teams to fight different things. But i’m certainly not about to drop 2 x 40 packs just for 1 new addition…
Especially with how average some of these new 6 stars really are.
If blue Abraham/Tyrese is superior. Why even Bother.

Investments in this game only last a little while then they become equal to free 2 play.

I think we have been getting super shafted.

instead of giving us diversity into this new 6 star power creep.
They are “selling” diversity…
Simply… horrific design incredibly creedy and milking oriented.

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But you just explained why.

If Tyrease or Abe are superior why even bother.
So if others think that…they won’t spend.

I can see what there doing as can many others.
They want you to pay for everything,
They play dumb or talk about change and think we are idiots who won’t notice there making things more p2p.

They will not release 6* of all 5*.
I don’t think they will even do 1/4 of them.

The anger is getting worse everyday.
Not on just these forums but I’ve noticed the game too.
Players who don’t visit the site with the same concerns and anger.
There poking a bear I think…something will happen soon.
And no letter from Albert will do anything this time. No one will believe a word.

Does it make them money?
Not much…
So it wont happen anytime soon

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Not everyone will have that toon, so it coukd possibly

So did I tell you or did I tell you that Wyatt will be free to play lol

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