When will we get the next Legacy Ascendable list?


We are nearly to the end of the last list. Would be good to start hearing about the next list of 5 stars that will become ascendable.


Quiza cuando haiga solo uno restante


It will probably take them at least 6-months if not longer to finish off the current list so I wouldn’t hold my breath for a new list anytime soon.


There are still 4 toons on the last list and now you want the next 5… good luck


I forgot 2 of the last 4. I know its gonna be rose and og dwight. Who else?


Maggie from depot and Knox I believe

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What’s the point for new list to come out at this pace won’t be done until 2020-2021


and carley… which makes it 5


This Lori? She’s in my depot now.


Honestly, no point. Would probably not even get the first toon of that list in 2018.


Just annoying how they push out promos every other week. If they put out legacys more frequent they would not get as much hate. smh


There’s really no excuse apart from greed.

They could get fans to help design toons for free if they gave them the tools.
Or just design equipment they put on them.


No… Maggie…


You would think they would do more legacy toons instead of brand new premieres for the following reasons.

  • The 5-star model is already done and it would be far easier to just change a few things instead of creating an entirely new toon.
  • The leader/special and AR has already been established so once again just some minor tweaks and an active and its good to go
  • Giving new life to old promos would go a long way to show that they value the people who have stuck around with the game from before 6-stars and that the money they invested was not wasted
  • Not everyone has every 5-star so if they actually made an ascendable toon worthwhile for a change people would spend for it. Guaranteed.
  • You could close the gap between the f2p and the p2p which right now is bordering on the absurd. Bring some balance back to the game. Whales will still have the edge as expected but at least there will be some competition once again.

Will they even take this into consideration? Doubtful.


Sometimes its good to remind them the reasons why its a good idea. So good to bring up those arguments.


Whispers into screams Jesus please :crossed_fingers:


Better rainbow leads :crossed_fingers:t2:


Who we already got except Morgan ?


New Red Zeke also.