When will we get a new list of future ascendables?

We all would love an update as to which characters will be future ascendables, our “early 2018” list is almost fulfilled. @kalishane


I sincerely hope a good amount of the toons I pull become ascendable. No way they can keep giving me them and keep them useless. All Out War Rick looks awesome. He deserves it.


Yeah it’s time. This needs to be done.

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It seems like kali has moved on to bigger and better things like @dash did but who knows?

Hopefully in 2022

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:eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: waiting…

We are working on the line-up and timing. :slight_smile:


Appreciate the response :nerd_face::+1:t5:

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Please make it happen fast :wink:



Really I used all my 5* lvl 80 ,to ascend 5* . Cause I thought that’s it only one list :frowning:
Just create new characters and make them available through wheels ( 5* recruit, prestige, and maybe some new limited time wheels…)
As it used to be with 5*

Will we be getting unique 6* war rewards anytime soon

@kalishane if you really work for a new list, can you plz take in consideration of making some of the old gatherer like Michone, Morgan or Glenn on the list
I think a 6* gatherer will be an interesting thing to see.

  • I think it’s about time to see a 6* Morgan

I defenitly hope for Blue Andrea, Green Kenny, Green Lee, Green Marcus, Yellow Sophia or Clementine

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There already is one tho lol.

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σσpѕ tσtαllч fσrgσt hím, hαhαhα

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Thanks for the reply @kalishane :grin:

Great a new list of legacy ascendables (supposedly) with one or two being a mistake on the list cough dwight, few being characters that were old promos or old no longer accessible war prizes(holiday rick, KAL, Eugene) and to top it off won’t roll out till next march or better of next year. Oh the excitement!