When will we be able to get back into the game?

Look, I’m aware of all the current issues with war and such, and I’m sure that u guys at scopely hq are too. But how about some communication and transparency regarding how long before we can even get back into the game? Mine, along with others, is still crashing to my home screen upon trying to load, as it has been for over an hour now. It cannot be this hard to find a solution. War is something that has been happening most weekends for a while now, and though imperfectly executes, it usually isn’t this big an issue and one has to believe this is due to the recent player movement and an effort to cause divisions and blow said movement out of the water


They’re working on a fix which has already thrown them a few times on various platforms. They can’t say ‘20 minutes’.

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I’ve done the update and still won’t load the game … I thought that was meant to be fixing the issue

They don’t need to get all too specific, literally any word from them on what is happening would be an improvement on that one stupid poll

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I’m in the same boat. Had this happen like a month and a half ago and the only way to fix it was transferring and transferring back. 10 days without being in my faction sucked and I got no support from scopely other then they were looking into it. They need to release an update on all platforms that fixes the bugs.

Got this response from support but still can’t access war

Mine is a constant restart of the whole game. When it happened to me I figured out my own solution since I was told for a week that they were looking into the problem. Unfortunately with regions being locked I’d have to wait 6 weeks for my fix to work.

How do you transfer when you can’t launch the app?

Had to be quick. 35 seconds before a restart. Took me a couple try’s to complete it

I’ve had that happen before. Too but this is different. This isn’t the game loading for a few seconds before crashing, this is not even making it past the load screen

Same here load screen flashes on then back to tablet home screen maybe a quarter of a second

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